Introductory Fitness Training - The ABC's

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45 min
Group Class
Introductory Fitness Training - The ABC's-0

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Before starting any type of fitness exercise program participants should educate themselves on the ABC's of fitness training. A solid home cannot be built on a poor foundation.

What you'll learn

In this 45-minute introduction to fitness training class Ian will teach you why your understanding of fitness terminologies, philosophies, principals and methodologies is important to your fitness success.

You will learn about:

a) The five keys to fitness success
b) Functional movement patterns for a well-rounded workout
c) Body composition terminology
d) Different types of exercise stretching
e) Aerobic Exercise (LISS) vs. Anaerobic Exercise (HIIT)
f) Reps, Sets, Load/Resistance terminology
g) Basic Periodization

To ensure your fitness success it's vital that you obtain knowledge of these fitness training ABC's prior to establishing your fitness goals. At a low cost of $35 this introductory class will be the best fitness investment you'll make.  

This class is perfect for

fitness enthusiasts
anyone who has hit a fitness plateau
first time fitness participants
at-home workout participants
anyone planning to hire a personal trainer
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Meet Ian James,

Your teacher

- Former two-time Olympic athlete (Track and Field) - Three World Track and Field Championships - Commonwealth Games Medalist - Three-time NCAA All-American - World Student Games - Pan American Games - Eleven-time Canadian Long Jump Champion

What to bring

pen, paper or keyboard and a keen interest to learn

How to participate

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