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45 min
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A 45 minute introductory course on developing an attitude of gratitude and finding more joy in the everyday.

What you'll learn

An introductory version of a 4 weeks course on developing an attitude of gratitude and finding more joy in the everyday. Research shows that having an attitude of gratitude has a lot benefits for our physical and psychological health, our happiness and satisfaction in life. How do you find joy in both the little and the big things especially when things are not going to plan? Cultivating an attitude of gratitude is a choice that we have to make every time and every day. Being grateful opens up for more good to happen to you and for you. This class can be taken individually or in groups. 

This class is perfect for

Everyone wanting to experience more joy and appreciation for what is and the now.
Learn ,fitness-and-wellbeing.personal-development,, with Sheila Daisy L | Amphy

Meet Sheila Daisy L,

Your teacher

I have been on the self development journey for over 10 years and mentoring for 5 years but coaching in the last couple of years. With a background in global marketing I have learnt to work across functions, levels, personalities and regions and this has more than given me a great insight into working with a diverse group and the challenges within. Being spiritually in-tuned as well I am able to communicate in these areas if need be and explore different issues based on this. I lead an international mentoring group both in Europe and Africa and I currently live in England, UK.

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