Intermediate Spanish: Learn Conversational Spanish

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45 min
Private Class
Intermediate Spanish: Learn Conversational Spanish-0

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Learn Spanish language live and online. 📕 Thursdays, Intermediate Literary Pieces and Comics for Spanish Learners, Stories in Spanish and English,

What you'll learn

📚 Grammar - Gramatica.

The imperfect-Indicative and the Preterite. El imperfecto de indicativo y el Pretérito.

Join us to read a short collection of Spanish stories. The material has the Spanish story on one page and the English translation on the opposite page.

Whether you’re an intermediate who’s eager to develop your skills in the colorful and vibrant Spanish language.

Participant will think of a mystery word related to the story of the day. Then the other attendees will ask questions in order to find out what the mystery word is.


- Welcome (10 min): Introductions and instructions on how to play.

- Introductions prompts will be:

    What is your name? 
    What languages do you study? 
    What is one interesting fact about the area where you live?

     Read and respond to a few questions (10 min): About the story of the day.

    Play Guess the Word (10 min): Choose a secret word, then answer questions.

    Present a Comic (5 minutes).

- Closing (5 min): Share what we learned, ask questions, suggest topics for future events, and say goodbye.

Ground rules:

Events are a great opportunity to practice in a relaxed space, make mistakes, and have fun together.

Cameras should be turned ON during the event.

We're all here to support each other, so please be respectful, and approach conversations with an open mind and positive attitude. 
Don't be afraid to ask questions!

This class is perfect for

Spanish Learners, Bibliophiles, Bookworms, Readers and Writers,
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Meet Jefferson Morales Perez,

Your teacher

Foreign Languages have led me to work as a teacher in multicultural and diverse countries, like the United States. Working with students from public schools of Detroit, along with an international team, in my nation as an EFL teacher in private schools and institutes with adults. Since 2020, in Italy, teaching Spanish as a private tutor adds up to more than 5 years of experience.  

What to bring

Intermediate Level of Spanish

How to participate

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