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This course is the perfect option for those who want to learn to communicate effectively in different contexts and situations.

What you'll learn

Italian is one of the most famous languages in the world and is spoken today by about 65 million people in its linguistic territory. It is often called the "language of love", characterised above all by the gestural underpinnings of the language in its everyday use. Italian is a language of culture and music too.

This class is perfect for

Anyone who loves linguistic challenges and to master something new everyday
Learn ,language-and-culture.italian, with Ale M | Amphy

Meet Ale Munoz,

Your teacher

Bilingual Spanish and Italian, I got a ESL Diploma at the Sheridan Institute in the United States, a Master Degree in Educational Sciences and Artistic Disciplines from the University of Turin, Italy and a Master Degree in Performing Arts, earned at the University of Paris, France. The first experiences in teaching date back to the first years of university where I taught Spanish and English in Italy. I worked as an interpreter in Nice, Cannes, Montecarlo and Strasburg. I lived and taught in South America, Spain, the United States and Japan. I currently live in Germany where I obtained the German Fluency Certificate from the Goethe Institute. Besides Spanish, Italian, English, French and German I speak Portuguese, Japanese and basic Modern Standard Arabic. In addition to a solid linguistic preparation my academic background has provided me with expertise in research methodology. This has enriched my linguistic knowledge with multidisciplinary qualities and perspectives, communication skills and intercultural exchange.

What to bring

A tablet or laptop with a webcam
Wi-Fi connection

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