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The basics of Instagram. This class walks you through the Platform from creating your Account to setting up your Bio. It will help you start planning meaningful and intentional Content for your New or recent Business.

What you'll learn

Hi everyone! In this live online course, you'll learn how to use Instagram. We'll start with the basics with the overall goal of becoming proficient enough to create a viral Instagram account. If you want to be an Instagram influencer or promote your brand with social media, this is the course for you.

In this course, you'll learn how to use every tool on Instagram. We'll also learn about the algorithm and how Instagram chooses which posts get more awareness. We'll dive into making stories, posts, direct messages, and more so that you can become an Instagram pro.

I will show you all the areas of Instagram and help you get comfortable posting consistently. You will be able to publish high-quality Instagram posts that get likes. We'll cover how to use Instagram filters, how to use reals on Instagram, and more. Building a following on Instagram is not an impossible task and I'm here to teach you how to do it.

Having a strong presence on social media is beneficial for many reasons. Your Instagram can help build customer relationships, drive more website traffic, and reach new audiences among other things. Instagram is also a great tool for advertising which leads to more conversations. With so much potential available through social media marketing, it's a shame to miss out on these important skills.

Book now if you think learning Instagram 101 will help you. whether you want to learn Instagram for business or for personal reasons. I'll teach you how to use all the tools and how to manipulate the algorithm for maximum reach. So let's get started, can't wait to meet you!

This class is perfect for

Ambitious Entrepreneurs who want to start an online business or have an online presence but not comfortable or consistent with their new or existing business.
Those looking to work in social media marketing
Learn ,, with Estee S | Amphy

Meet Estee Stein,

Your teacher

I have 20+ years of experience working in the corporate world Designing, Merchandising, and Marketing products to all types of retailers from High-End Department Stores, to Mid-Tier and Food/Drug/Mass Chains. Having traveled the world looking for trends & sourcing products, my expertise includes working with clients to help find your brands voice, through the 4 "C"s Color, Content, Clarity, and Consistency

What to bring

Computer, iPhone, Pen, and Paper optional

How to participate

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