Improve your chess skills while playing online

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60 min

You can play against anybody out there, and I will stop you once I see you´ve made a mistake.

What you'll learn

People don't have time for studying! Or do they? 
Maybe all we want is to have just a bit of fun sometimes. :)

Let me put it this way.

Do you like playing chess online?
Would you like to talk to a professional while playing online?

You can play against anybody out there, and I will stop you once I see you´ve made a mistake. 

During the game, you can briefly describe your thoughts at certain moments. It'll help me better understand your calculation and overall thinking process durin... 
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This class is perfect for

everybody who is eager to learn more about chess. I have already had experience working with children and retirees, although the majority of my clients are middle-aged, so anybody is welcome.

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Jan 01-07, 1970

Learn ,chess.chess, with Vladimir J | Amphy

Vladimir Jacko

Your teacher

Hello guys, I am an expert chess coach with extensive experience. I have worked with plenty of clients all around the world and I am positive that anybody who has worked with me built a strong connection to chess. During my journey to become a Fide Master, I was also coaching a few young talented people from my country. I organized Saturday's sessions where I taught people how to improve in all kinds of chess areas. I was also a chess teacher at 3 elementary schools. My best student has reached a rating 2179 FIDE recently. I started working with him by the time he was around 1700 FIDE. It is amazing to see the progress he has made so far. Also, check out my portfolio: Website: Instagram:

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