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This is a private 1:1 Reading where you will learn your blueprint - exactly how to make correct decisions, how your energy interacts with the world, your gifts, talents, lessons and fears, your life purpose, best way to sleep and eat and so much more

What you'll learn

This information is truly life changing, especially as you implement it in your own life and see the changes and improvements, based on exactly how YOU are supposed to do life and not how you have been TOLD to do it.

This class is perfect for

Those wanting to know themselves better, learn how to make correct decisions, get their life back on track, find permission to be themselves and unveil your unique gifts and talents.

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Jan 01-07, 1970

What to bring

Just yourself!
Learn ,, with Angela K | Amphy

Angela Kilkenny

Your teacher

Long before I became a coach, I was already helping and advising those around me ;) But at a life changing point in my own life, I started using all the tools and information I had picked up in my obsession for Personal Development and started transforming my own new circumstances. I have since trained as a Coach and found Human Design on that journey, and I use the myriad of tools I have picked up along the way to support and transform my clients and now... YOU!

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