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In this class I will teach you about the 5 Energy Types and Strategies and the 8 Authorities (how to make decisions)

What you'll learn

The class will be 1 hour and I will teach you the basics of Energy Types, Strategies and Authorities.  This information is crucial in learning how your unique energy operates, how to use your energy most efficiently and most importantly - HOW TO MAKE DECISIONS!!  You will also have enough information to tell other people about their unique design or understand your partner/family/friends better!  

This class is perfect for

Anyone who wants to understand how they operate better - using their energy, conserving energy, how to rest, your productivity, how to make decisions, how to get into flow, create more ease in life, when to take opportunities and much more.
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Meet Angela Kilkenny,

Your teacher

Long before I became a coach, I was already helping and advising those around me ;) But at a life changing point in my own life, I started using all the tools and information I had picked up in my obsession for Personal Development and started transforming my own new circumstances. I have since trained as a Coach and found Human Design on that journey, and I use the myriad of tools I have picked up along the way to support and transform my clients and now... YOU!

What to bring

Pen and paper - so much value and information coming your way! Your human design chart, which you can access at

How to participate

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