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Actionable steps and red flags to help you navigate getting that promotion you want!

What you'll learn

This class will give you actionable steps on what to do to earn a promotion. It will help you to identify where to focus your energy. It will give you things to watch out for in this process. It will give you the tools to action earning a promotion and advice on how to handle tricky conversations along the way. 

** This is not a guarantee that you will get a promotion after attending this class. This class will focus your energy on the best way to earn one but it is not a guarantee. 

This class is perfect for

Employees who want to earn a promotion.

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Jan 01-07, 1970

What to bring

Bring any questions or experiences to share and get advice on.
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Private sessionUp to 1 seats

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Cassandra Vermeulen, CHPR, SHRM-SCP

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I have taught for over 20 years. I teach a variety of students and I adjust my style to match and optimize learning. I have taught at 2 post-secondary institutions and taught dozens of business and managerial-focused courses. I have created courses for 2 post-secondary institutions. The courses I have taught include: - Occupational health and safety - Orientation and onboarding - Recruitment and selection - Career preparation - Employment management - Investigations - Employment legislation - Introduction to human resources I have taught many science courses as well: - Zoology - Invertebrate development - Cellular Biology - Biology - Genetics - Highschool Biology

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