How to create mixed media art

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60 min
Group Class
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I will SHOW you how to create beautiful artworks with different art medium

What you'll learn

As the name implies it requires mixing different mediums, experimenting and checking compatibility. during the class we will develop a concept or use a reference photo to achieve the aim of creating art pieces

This class is perfect for

People interested in creating artworks with different mediums
Learn ,art-and-music.painting-and-drawing, with Victor G | Amphy

Meet Victor Gombawai,

Your teacher

I taught a lot of students how to draw both physically and online and that is something I really enjoy. educating and enlightening cannot be over-emphasized.

What to bring

You do not need to bring all but we just need variety for mixed media art:
acrylic paint
sketch pad or sketchbook or drawing paper
graphite pencil
charcoal pencil or block
painting brush
pastel ( oil or soft )

How to participate

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