How To Analyse Bank Stocks?

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In this class I will be discussing how you can analyse bank stocks by analysing some important perimeters.

What you'll learn

The perimeters that are important in analysing a bank stocks are following and we will discuss each of them in detail.

1- CASA (current account + savings account)
2- NPA (Non performing asset)
3- Cost Of Liabilities
4- Advance Growth
5- CAR (capital adequacy rate)
6- NIM (Net Interest Margin)

After understanding these perimeters you can easily analyse any bank stocks in a very small amount of time.

This class is perfect for

Who is interested in learning the important perimeters used to analyse bank stocks.
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Meet Kuldeep Garg,

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Hello, I am currently working as a software engineer with India’s 3rd largest IT company, HCL Technologies. I have developed many web applications and also made some tools which are powered by Machine learning models. I want to transfer my knowledge among everyone whoever is interested in coding.

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