Get Organized in 2022!

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In this program, I will take you through how to organize for the new year focus on what you truly love!

What you'll learn

I will teach you how to declutter and organize clothes, finances, paperwork, and a realistic schedule.

In this program there will be a set of 4 classes discussing decluttering and organizing:

Class 1. Clothes
In the first class, we will go over how to purge your closet of what you no longer wear or need, and how to set up your closet to mainstream your day.

2. Finances
Here we will discuss how to declutter purchases and stop reckless spending; when you stop spending on the unimportant, you can splurge on the important things! 

3. Paperwork
In this class, we will go over how to keep your important files in a manageable, realistic way.

4. Schedule and discussion
In the last class, we will discuss creating a realistic schedule that works for your lifestyle. Learn how to eliminate what doesn’t serve you and focus your time and energy on what is truly important to you.

This class is perfect for

People looking to get organized in 2022!
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Meet Erin Candeloro,

Your teacher

Erin has been a home organizer for the last three years, and started doing it full time in 2020. Erin worked for seven and a half years at the District Attorney’s Office as a Victim Witness Advocate, helping to guide people through very difficult times as they navigated the court system. She now supports people with creating a home and environment to best suit their lifestyle. Erin's work can be found on

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