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60 min

I lead participants to success by becoming their own futurists. We observe past trends, current world trends, and discovering what it all means for the future.

What you'll learn

With the internet at our fingertips, we are constantly inundated with information. Reading the information is easy, but understanding and applying it is much more difficult.

I lead participants through "Dominating Chaos and Change - Thriving in Uncertainty." 

This course gives participants a great foundation for gathering the correct information and applying it to business planning and success. 

Navigating and understanding future challenges and building divergent thinking and conve... 
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This class is perfect for

Anyone in a leadership position or moving into a leadership position

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Jan 01-07, 1970

What to bring

The desire to level out the chaos we live in
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Norman Leach

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I am an award-winning instructor who started teaching at the University of Manitoba when I was 28. Since then, I have become one of Canada's most in-demand sessional lecturers. Over time I have taught 10's of thousands of students across Canada and worldwide. As the consummate storyteller, my classes bring leadership, marketing, and entrepreneurship to life. I was one of the first instructors in Canada to adopt the technologies and benefits of online learning. As a subject matter expert I have written and delivered courses on Marketing, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship. As a serial entrepreneur I bring my experience in the business world to my students. My stories are based on real-life business successes across more than 27 countries; and I received the Leadership Award from the Canadian Association of Manufacturers and Exporters for Export Development. I am a bestselling author with 14 published books, and my newest book, "Making a Million Dollars in the Sports Business," is coming out in September 2022, published by Zsa Zsa Publishers in London. Finally, I have received the Canada 125 medal, the Queens Jubilee medal, and the Alberta Centennial Medal for my community service. I am proud to be an honorary life member of the Canadian Association of Veterans in UN Peacekeeping.

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