Full Portrait drawing course

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Do you want to improve your drawing skills? then this course is for you, as I will walk you through the process step by step in this course. and you will be able to draw your favorite people on your own.

What you'll learn

Below are a list of the classes included in the course and what we are going to do✏✏✏✏✏✏✏
Full Portrait drawing course
Portrait sketch
Eye drawing
Nose drawing
Lips drawing
Tones drawing
Hair drawing
Full face drawing

Portrait sketch: 
Making an accurate sketch is the first step to making a satisfying and reliable drawing, not trying to draw John and end up drawing Jack XD, in this course we will be taking on that first
Making an accurate portrait sketch, I will show you different ways to do it and you'll choose the one most suitable for you
The next class will be on drawing the eye

Eye drawing:
When drawing a portrait the eye is one of the most important things to focus on it can make the portrait look alive or not 
So in this episode we will be focusing on in this first class of the course
The texture of the skin around the eye area is different from that of the rest of the body and that is one of the things we will looking at in this class
Now we're done with the eye let's look at the nose

Nose drawing:
The nose is also an important part, if not toned and placed properly it will affect the appearance of the face
And my aim is to help you create wonderful face drawing or portrait as we may call it
We will cover the shading and toning in this class and in the next we will look at the lips

Lips drawing:
As I have observed in drawing people from different regions of the world, I've seen basically 2 types of lips 
And I will show you the difference and also how to draw it
We will all use a single reference for the drawing while I guide you through and correct you if you get anything wrong
Thats one of the beauty of live classes

Toning is what will make your works pop out of the paper rather that it just looking flat and boring.
I'll teach you how to make use of tones even if your looking at a reference photo or not
It's important to have a good knowledge of this see it will enhance your drawings even beyond the portrait drawing
This will also help you in other classes

Hair drawing: 
Drawing hair is something I've seen a lot of people struggle with, even myself until I got a hang of it.
Don't worry you don't have to draw it strang by strang 
But I'll show you how to properly represent it and you'll
Be happy with your drawings

Lastly we would drawing a complete face with the experience we got from the previous classes

Progress brings joy and my ernest desire is for everyone taking this course to attain a higher level in their art journey
Thank you for taking my drawing course 
I'm confident you drawing skills must have improved by now ✅✅ 

This class is perfect for

People interested in drawing portraits
Learn ,art-and-music.painting-and-drawing, with Victor G | Amphy

Meet Victor Gombawai,

Your teacher

I taught a lot of students how to draw both physically and online and that is something I really enjoy. educating and enlightening cannot be over-emphasized.

What to bring

sketch book or drawing paper (preferrable)
graphite drawing pencils ( light to dark)
soft dry brush ( big and small)
tombow eraser
cutter or sharpener
plain white paper
charcoal if possible

How to participate

emailHead to your confirmation email or booking page, and click the button to join the stream.
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