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Introduction group chess lessons to learn chess with a chess coach. This free class gives us a chance to get to know each other so I can personalize your next class.

What you'll learn

In these chess lessons, my approach is based on principles and logic. I give you the proper way to learn chess.
In this computer age, far too many players study chess in a robotic fashion without really understanding the moves. With a chess coach students are able to learn on a human level. This will yield better results and make it more enjoyable to play.
My aim is to instill a love and passion for chess, and a desire to continuously improve. In this introductory class, you'll get a sneak peek of the amazing chess lessons to come.
Many experts like to pass on their knowledge by becoming a chess coach. The best players in the world use a chess coach to learn chess. The chess coach teaches analysis and strategizing to improve the student's approach to playing chess.
As you play and learn you'll improve your chess skills and rise in rank. Chess lessons will give you the confidence and knowledge to take on high-level challengers and win games. In a little while you could be competing in tournaments you could only dream of entering before.
Another reason why it is so important to have a chess coach is consistency. The biggest tip to properly learn chess is to practice and practice and more practice. A chess coach will give you that accountability you need to practice chess regularly. By practicing on a regular basis you are strengthening your mind and thinking habits.
There is more to chess than knowing the rules, you need to be familiar with possible boards and pattern recognition. In short, the best chess players develop a thinking method to always know what to do in any position. To do that they devote a lot of time to chess practice.
Book a free introductory class with me to start your chess coaching career. Improve your playing skill and understanding under the guidance of an experienced chess coach. I give a personalized coaching experience designed to fit your needs. There's nothing to lose, let's play some chess! 

This class is perfect for

Beginners interested to improve their chess skills
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Meet Clyde Wolpe,

Your teacher

My focus is on helping chess players develop their potential. I provide chess coaching for all levels and ages. I run an International Chess Academy based in South Africa Author of 'The Power of Chess' and 'Powerful Chess Insights'

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