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20 min
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Intro to fitness and conditioning. Getting your body prepared for movement and exercise at the most basic level is important before starting more intense physical activities. Especially if you have been sendentary for a long period.

What you'll learn

In this beginner class you'll learn how to do a proper warm up, prepare the body for exercise with stretches; learn full body conditioning exercises, abdominal, core exercises and cool down stretches

This class is perfect for

Anyone looking for a simple exercise routine that you can fit easily into your lifestyle!
Learn ,, with Natasha R | Amphy

Meet Natasha Reid,

Your teacher

I'm also a personal trainer and nutritional coach and I've been in the fitness industry for over 30 years as an athlete, coach, instructor and business owner. My athletic background started in soccer and track and field. I was a soccer player that transitioned into a sprinter, competing in the100m, 200m, 4x100m and 4x400m relays. Most of my training methods come from the workouts I did during my running days because I've seen the results of those high intensity, full body workouts. I've been weight training for the past 30 years and the benefits of strength training combined with martial arts and good nutrition, have kept me healthy, fit and free from injuries throughout my adult life.

What to bring

light weights, resistance band, yoga mat, medicine ball (optional)

How to participate

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