Entrepreneurship Functions and Characteristics

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Entrepreneurship Functions and Characteristics-0

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First, the instructor will introduce her self to the class. Secondly, the instructor will kindly ask students to introduce themselves individually. In addition, students will be informed of the curriculum and the expectations of everyone.

What you'll learn

The instructor will prepare the required lesson plan and use as a guide to facilitate learning.  The introduction of video presentation will be utilized so students can have a good understanding of the topic as well as to cater to those students who are visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners.  The instructor will ask questions that will derive from the video presentation, after-which the lesson will be presented using Microsoft Power-Point.  Lecture notes will be made available to students.  Before the end of the session, students will be evaluated to ascertain if learning has taken place.  The sessions will last for two (2) hours as this will take into consideration the video presentation, questions, feedback, discussions and evaluation.  

This class is perfect for

Participants who have a good command of the English; high school students as well as adult; persons from any ethnic group, race or creed.
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I am currently working at the prestigious Merl Grove High School as a Business Educator. Before I became an Educator, I was working in the capacity as Administrative Assistant (Secretary) where I served as Staff Representative to the Board of Management.

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Electronic Device
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