English for Beginners - Part 1

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1.5 hour
Group Class
English for Beginners - Part 1-0

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This class will cover all of the basic English skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. It is designed for students who are low beginning (A1) ESL learners.

What you'll learn

In this class students will learn basic vocabulary and grammar needed to start their study of English.  You will learn the English alphabet and how to count to 100. You will learn how to introduce yourself and others, and how to describe places.  We will study days of the week, months of the year and to change nouns from singular to plural.   We will use role play exercises to practice conversation and watch videos to practice listening skills.  The course will also include basic grammar including the verb "to be", learning to make negative sentences and to ask questions in simple present tense.  You will also learn to use "there is" and "there are" to describe locations in your city and neighborhood.  The final session will include a review exam to indicate whether the student is ready to go on the English for Beginners - Part 2.

This class is perfect for

Adult students 18 and over who are just starting to study English
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Meet Robin Landry,

Your teacher

I have a bachelor's degree in Management Information Systems from Ball State University. I worked at State Farm Insurance Companies as an underwriter, underwriting analyst, and underwriting section manager for 26 years. I began volunteering as a reading and math tutor for adults in 2000. In 2007, I switched to tutoring ESL students on a volunteer basis. I loved volunteering so much that I decided to return to school for a master's degree in Education, with a concentration in TESOL in 2010. I graduated in 2011 and began working as an Adult ESL instructor during the 2011-2012 academic year. In 2012, I became an adjunct professor of ESL at Heartland Community College. In 2016, I began tutoring online and have completed more than 3000 hours of lessons on another platform. I am anxious to start teaching small groups here on Amphy in addition to giving private lessons.

What to bring

Note book, pen or pencil, access to an online dictionary or a translation app.

How to participate

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