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60 min
Group Course
Energy Education 101 - Group Course-0

This class will teach any sensitive soul how to better manage, clear and maintain a healthy lifestyle while honouring their sensitivities. You will learn to ground, balance, clear and empower yourself with energy work.

What you'll learn

An Empath is a sensitive soul who often finds themselves overwhelmed by life's demands. They have a tendency to take on the weight of the world and can feel the stress, worry and pain of others. Empaths and sensitive souls often find themselves feeling drained and depleted by day-to-day life. If this sounds like you, you will not want to miss this course. 

Science has finally caught up to what the ancient yogis, mystics and teachers, have known for lifetimes, that our universe is made... 
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This class is perfect for

The empath or senstive soul who is ready to live an empowered life. Anyone who is sensetive to the energy of others and is easily overwhelmed or drained by others.

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Jan 01-07, 1970

What to bring

A quiet distraction place to participate in the class.
A journal and pen for notes.
Headphones if needed.
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Amber Pavey

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I have been teaching professionally since 2003 when I began my career as a classroom teacher. I am curious soul with a passion for all things wellness and personal development. My training and certifications include both conventional and non-conventional fields of study. I have taught in both public school settings as well as private wellness settings. I offer a variety of programs, events, coaching, and workshops.

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