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Face F.I.T invites you to experience the power of Face Yoga. You will immediately feel the difference! Face Yoga is a facial workout based on muscle resistance training, facial massage, acupressure, relaxation techniques and skin nutrition.

What you'll learn

Within this workshop your discover ; 

•What is Facial Yoga ? 

•How does Facial Yoga work ? (Answering the question , does facial yoga really work?!)

•You will have the opportunity to experience the power of facial yoga through performing a handful of my favorite, most powerful techniques. 

You WILL feel the difference immediately! 
Your welcome to take notes to create your mini face workout. 

•Opportunity for LIVE Q&A


Do face exercises really work?
Yes. Studies have shown ... 
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Jan 01-07, 1970

What to bring

Pen & Paper, Cleansed skin, Clean hands & facial oil
Group sessionUp to 20 seats
Group sessionUp to 20 seats

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Sarah-Jane Brown

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I have been within the Beauty industry since 2006 as a therapist and from 2013 as a lecturer until 2019. 2006 Qualified Beauty Therapist 2014 Qualified Complementary Therapist 2010 Qualified Level 5 Teaching Degree 2020 Qualified Facial Yoga Instructor (Danielle Collins Method. World leading expert in facial yoga) I taught all subjects from beauty, nail technology, massage, facial electricals, reflexology, aromatherapy but my main passion was for clean, natural skincare. In 2019 I decided to dedicate my time and focus to building a online salon to educate and serve my audience with Holistic Skincare to educate people there is an alternative approach than ‘traditional’ skincare. I offer virtual holistic skincare support through Facial Yoga and Facial Tool workshops. Skin mapping consultations to help clients discover their potential triggers, and provide ongoing skincare education through a community hub on FB called Face F.I.T. I regularly write skincare blogs for magazines and have been featured on FOX21 News USA.

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