Diabetes Education Group Session

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60 min
Group Class
Diabetes Education Group Session-0

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Dietary Education Session in order to learn how to self-manage Type 2 Diabetes

What you'll learn

Session 1
- What is Diabetes
- Consequences of poorly controlled Diabetes
- Importance of diet and lifestyle and how they can impact Diabetes management
- How to manage diabetes during times of illness or stress
- Diabetes medications and their mechanisms
- Blood test results - what they mean and ideal targets to aim for

Session 2
- 5 main food groups
- Glycaemic Index
- Fluid guidelines
- Alcohol

Session 3
- Weight management
- Role of physical activity
- Label reading
- Sweeteners
- Diabetes Myths

This class is perfect for

Adults with Type 2 Diabetes
Learn ,fitness-and-wellbeing.nutrition,fitness-and-wellbeing.other, with Heather D | Amphy

Meet Heather Daniels,

Your teacher

I have been working as a Dietitian in London for 15 years and in the field of Diabetes for 13 years. During that time, I have run individual consultations, weight management sessions and Diabetes Education groups.

What to bring

Medication list and any recent blood test results

How to participate

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