Cryptocurrency: Intro to digital currency

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In-depth introduction to crypto and options protect and earn extra income from your crypto portfolio. *This course is geared toward US investors with FTX-US Derivatives, and refers to options on Bitcoin and Ethereum.

What you'll learn

Love it or hate it, cryptocurrencies are here to stay and have seen rapid growth and adaption by retail and institutional investors. 

If you are already involved with cryptocurrencies, or are hesitant because of volatility, you may find use in learning how options can be used to protect your coin. 

In addition, you may wish to earn added income by selling covered calls, and better yet – maintain upside with credit spreads.

In this course I will teach you at a minimum:
1. What is cryptocurrency
2. Protective Puts - to protect all or a part of your cryptocurrency position
3. Covered Calls - to receive extra income for cryptocurrency collateral
4. Bear calls - Credit vertical calls and credit calendar calls - to gain extra income and maintain upside
The course flows at your speed, and I will do my best to progress as reasonably fast as we can through each topic. If we do not finish the course, simply re-register for the class at your convenience to carry forward where we left off. 

*** If you have little familiarity with cryptocurrency, feel free to book this class for a complete introduction for beginners.

Attendees will receive a cheat sheet that details the precise differences between cryptocurrency options and equity options. 

If you register for one of my classes, you will have access to my Slack and Discord channels for quick follow-up questions and quick response times. This is great if you want me to quickly have a discussion or add another class time on Amphy that fits your schedule. 

- Learn cryptocurrency derivatives - calls and puts and basic strategies
- Receive a cheat sheet 
- View my present trades and profits on bitcoin & ethereum underlying and options

DISCLAIMER: Never invest more than you are prepared to comfortably lose. I am not a financial advisor and this class is purely for education and entertainment.

This class is perfect for

Crypto traders and investors wishing to protect their cryptocurrency investments and/or gain extra income from theta strategies.
Those who desire to invest in cryptocurrencies yet have been hesitant to get involved due to volatility.
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Meet Dan N,

Your teacher

YOGA: I have been practicing yoga since 2010, completed 200 hour YTT in 2021, and 17.5 hour trauma-sensitive yoga and meditation training in 2022. FINANCE: I have been trading equities, futures and options for over 15 years, since 2007 and have experience through many bullish and bearish cycles, including corrections and crashes. NUTRITION: Eating whole-foods plant-based vegan since 2013. B.S. in biology with concentration in human nutrition in 2020, Cornell University.

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