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Group Class
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Conversation-oriented lessons for learners who wish to improve their communication skills and boost their confidence. Group class so you will have the chance to have group discussions. Learning Spanish theory and practicing at the same time.

What you'll learn

Come join me in learning Spanish as we speak Spanish together and practice. Practicing conversation is how you learn how to speak Spanish fluently. You'll learn how to speak Spanish quickly in this group lesson. Have fun meeting new people and practicing Spanish speaking with them. Sometimes it's a lot easier to learn without the formal academic structure of school or university. Some amazing things you should know about my Spanish lessons:
😎 Great emphasis on new vocabulary and better ways to express your thoughts and ideas. Learn how to speak Spanish. Practice general conversation on a variety of topics. Get extensive correction and feedback throughout the Spanish lessons.

🔥 As the teacher, I can offer a wide range of subjects which interest you. Otherwise, you can choose the topics and lead the conversation. It's important to keep things interesting when learning Spanish.

🥇 This is the opportunity to build your confidence to speak Spanish. At the same time focusing on your pronunciation, vocabulary use and grammatical accuracy. Any common mistakes non native Spanish Speakers make I will fix in class.

🌟  We will have conversations in the Spanish language which is the best thing when learning Spanish. And I will be there to correct your mistakes, help expand your vocabulary and guide you through the difficult bits of Spanish! 

⭐️ This is a casual, fun and easy way to practice. Yet it is powerfully effective and yields results.  

😃 My classes are also a pressure-free zone. You are welcome to make mistakes and learn from them. We will have fun and talk about all things from football to aliens to current news.

🤖 I would like to help you speak Spanish like a native, not like you have learned it from a book! I can teach you slang, idioms and phrases used by native Spanish speakers so that you sound exactly like a native!
Book a live session with me today to practice your conversational skills in Spanish. Improve your speaking, grammar, vocabulary, and confidence with group online classes. Learning Spanish should be natural and fun, not like how they make it in school. Can't wait to hear you in class speaking fluent Spanish!

This class is perfect for

This class is perfect for intermediate and advanced students who want to communicate better in spanish
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Meet Yaledis Garcia,

Your teacher

Tengo más de 3 años de experiencia enseñando Español. He trabajado con alumnos de diferentes edades y niveles: principiantes, intermedios o avanzados. He trabajado en escuelas secundarias, plataformas de enseñanza en línea y también como maestra autónoma, por lo que tengo amplia experiencia en métodos de enseñanza para asegurarme de que mis alumnos cumplan con sus objetivos. Puedo ofrecer clases de español para adultos, adolescentes y niños. Soy Ingeniera de Petróleos y actualmente me encuentro realizando una Maestría en Geoingeniería de Petróleo. Cuento con el certificado Teaching Knowledge test: Módulo 1 - Antecedentes del aprendizaje y la enseñanza de idiomas Módulo 2 - Planificación de lecciones y uso de recursos para la enseñanza de idiomas Módulo 3: Gestión del proceso de enseñanza y aprendizaje. También cuento con un certificado de Clases Efectivas otorgado por Pearson Education y Profesor de Español para Extranjeros otorgado por el Centro de Formación Universitario y Profesional Carpe Diem. Tengo experiencia creando proyectos pedagógicos que permitan interacciones cotidianas, prácticas interactivas y lúdicas que faciliten el aprendizaje de un segundo idioma. Así mismo, he ayudado a estudiantes de bachillerato a prepararse para la realización del examen de estado ICFES, una prueba estandarizada aplicada a los estudiantes que se encuentran en el último año de educación media en Colombia con el fin de otorgarles resultados oficiales que les permita acceder a la educación superior, por lo cual tengo experiencia enseñando a estudiantes con objetivos específicos.

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