Conversational Chinese for Beginners Part 1

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Conversational Chinese for Beginners Part 1-0Conversational Chinese for Beginners Part 1-1
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45 min
Conversational Chinese for Beginners Part 1-0

Introduce yourself and greet people in Chinese

What you'll learn

This is a beginner Chinese learners class.
In this class, you'll learn:
Vocabulary and expressions about greeting and introduction.
Basic Chinese grammar and sentence structures.
Knowledge about Chinese names and the ways how Chinese people greet each other.

This class is perfect for

Anyone who wants to learn Mandarin from the beginning

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Jan 01-07, 1970

What to bring

Pen (optional)
Paper (optional)
Eagerness and excitement to learn
Learn ,language-and-culture.mandarin, with Pei H | Amphy

Pei Huang

Your teacher

I graduated from Beijing Language and Culture University with a master degree in Teaching Chinese and received my second master from Brandeis University, US, also specializing in language teaching. Teaching Chinese has always been my passion! With over 9 years of teaching experience both offline and online, I am becoming more aware of how to help Chinese learners to improve their Chinese based on different levels and needs. My students are from all over the world with different professions and motivations to learn Chinese. My greatest achievement always comes from helping them learn Chinese and witnessing them improve and realize their goals.

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