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Compose Solos On The Guitar Course - Blues/Rock-0

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Master Playing and Improvising Dynamic Guitar Solos. Learn Essential Scales, Techniques, And Theory.

What you'll learn

Welcome to Beginner Lead Blues/Rock Guitar Lessons! 
As a Rock/blues guitarist for over 10 years and instructor for nearly as long, the one thing I hear from aspiring players most often is..."I know my scales and technique but, how do I put it all together?!" I also encounter many players that understand improvising over the 12 Bar Blues form but, only know a few Minor Pentatonic scales. To make things worse, no one ever taught them how to effectively develop techniques like bending, hammer-ons, pull-offs, vibrato and more. These techniques combined with scale playing is a HUGE part of the improvising process. However, having a guide to show you how to put it all together really makes the difference. That's why I created this 4 lessons master course.

* ALL sessions will be held at 09:30 pm São Paulo GMT -3 hours.


LESSON 1 Basic harmony and theory.

LESSON 2  Scales (pentatonic, greek modes, blues scales, and more).

LESSON 3 Guitar licks and techniques to compose your own guitar solos.

LESSON 4 How to compose a blues-rock guitar solo from scratch.

By the end of this course, you'll have a clear understanding of how easy solo guitar and improvising really is! 

This class is perfect for

This course is for anyone who wants to learn solo guitar and improvisation.
Learn ,art-and-music.guitar-and-ukulele, with Gabriel F | Amphy

Meet Gabriel Felix,

Your teacher

Teaching music since 2008. Graduated at California College of Music. Since 2013 working as a teacher at Meio Musical Music School.

What to bring

Electric or acoustic guitar.

How to participate

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