Chess lessons for Beginners: Chess Basics

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Chess lessons for Beginners: Chess Basics-0

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Private online chess class with a champion chess coach. Take chess lessons for beginners learning chess to master the chess basics.

What you'll learn

Welcome to chess lessons for beginners where you can learn all the chess basics to become a champion.  Thinking of learning chess from the ground up? Want to understand how chess works and be in control when playing? Want to win more games? Then this is the online chess class for you. Learning chess is an exciting venture and a chess coach is a perfect way to effectively do it.
My complete beginner's chess regimen includes:
1) Assessing your strengths and weaknesses.
2) Making a plan for improvement.
3) Working hard with students. Giving homework and guidelines for self-work.
4) Playing training games (theory without practice is useless).
5) Helping in game preparation.
Having a personal chess coach is the best way to learn chess. After a chess lesson with me, you will feel more prepared for your chess games. Learning chess is fun, rewarding, and can take you to incredible places and tournaments in life. If you want to become a champion one day, it starts with chess lessons for beginners.
If it is your first time entering the world of chess you are a lucky person. Chess is one of the best games ever made and this is reflected in its massive popularity. Chess is the most popular board game in the world with around 605 million adult players. Not only is chess adored by many around the world it has also been around for a long long time. Chess was invented in India in the 6th century AD. Its simple rules and mechanics were so perfect that it has lasted to this day with almost no changes.
Fun chess fact. Originally the queen was only able to move one square in any direction. It wasn't until Queen Isabella was at the height of her powers that the queen in chess was granted its abilities. Because there was such a powerful female ruler at the time, the queen in chess was made a more powerful piece in her honor. Other than this change there are hardly any tweaks to the game and its rules to this day.
There are so many different board combinations in chess that the game never gets boring. As soon as you think you've seen it all another position you've never seen appears in the middle of a game. The maximum number of possible board positions in chess is in the billions. So keep playing, it never gets boring.
Book a class with me today to get started on your journey to chess mastery. Improve your chess playing, learn new skills, and win more games. Everything you need to know will be learned in this chess class. So what are you waiting for? Let’s take your chess playing to the next level.

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Meet Milos Stankovic,

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Winner of many individual tournaments and team championships: Serbia youth champ 2009. Serbia senior team champion 2010. European Youth rapid championship 2010 bronze medal. Elgoibar Masters 2017 runner-up. International Grandmaster tournament Valjevo 2017 first place. Ikaria chess open 2016 second place. European student's games, Zagreb 2017 bronze team medal. Christmas tournament, Augsburg 2018 first place. Playing Bundesliga 1 for BCA Augsburg chess team.

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