Chess Lessons (All levels and Ages). FIDE Trainer

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Chess Lessons (All levels and Ages).  FIDE Trainer-1Chess Lessons (All levels and Ages).  FIDE Trainer-2
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Chess lessons to all levels and ages

What you'll learn

From the very basics to professional tournament training, I invite you to learn chess together!

Whether it's because you want to learn chess as a hobby to have fun and relax; or use it as a tool to stimulate memory, reasoning, concentration and the decision-making process; or because you aspire to increase your chess level and understand the technical, psychological and artistic aspects in greater depth; or because you would like to enter the competitive arena as a high-performance player, the lessons will always be adapted to your specific objectives.

On the first lesson, through a series of puzzles I will pinpoint your skills, strengths and weakness to then build a training plan.

TAP: Train, Analyze and Play. That is the estructure we will follow.  We will work over a wide range of subjects that will increase your strength: Calculation, Tactics, Theoretical endgames, Positional play, Dynamics, Openings, Pawns structures, Planning, Blindfold training, Swindles, Pattern recognition.

Besides we will work over more concrete topics, to name a few: intuition versus calculation, time administration, building an opening repertoire, practic utility of artistic problems, making a good use of chess engines and databases, psychological aspects of the decision making process.

After every lesson I send homework about the content we are studying (Puzzles, Games, Videos, Books, Databases, among others) and even some chess humor! 

The lessons are delivered both in English and Spanish according to the student preference. 

Additionally, being one of my students you will have free access to the Online Blitz Tournament of my chess academy (its held the last saturday of each month on Lichess). 

This class is perfect for

Anybody who wants to learn Chess!
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Meet Matias Ianovsky,

Your teacher

I am certified as FIDE Trainer (FT), FIDE School Instructor (FSI) and Docente de Ajedrez by FEDA. I have been teaching Chess for almost 18 years in schools, chess clubs and private lessons. My ELO FIDE is 2218. I have and I had students in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, England, Germany, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Spain, Sweden and the United States. . I am graduated in Political Science (Summa Cum Laude) and in Journalism. I played professional chess all my youth, winning Southamerican, national and local championships, and representing my country in Panamericans and World Youth chess championships abroad. My online ratings are: Blitz 2616/ Bullet 2785 Percentile 100% Lichess: Blitz 2603/ Bullet 2705. Percentile 99.99%

What to bring

If it's possible, before the first lesson the student can send a couple of his/her games. It will help to structure and customize our first lesson. Having a or account is recommended.

How to participate

emailHead to your confirmation email or booking page, and click the button to join the stream.
zoom callIf you haven’t already, download Zoom for free on your computer or smartphone in advance.