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Chess class for anyone who has never had any experience with a chess coach. Live online chess coaching is an amazing method to improve chess playing.

What you'll learn

Here you can get to know the educational methods and exercises that I use to improve my students' chess skills. This is chess for beginners class, the content will get more advanced as you progress. 

We will analyze some of your games to see your weaknesses and strengths. Based on that, we will understand your own improvement path and discuss further training plans.

If you are a tournament chess player then you know how hard it seems to improve your FIDE rating. As a matter of fact, ... 
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This class is perfect for

Beginners in chess, who are interested in improving their skills.

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Jan 01-07, 1970

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Private sessionUp to 1 seats

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Learn ,chess.chess, with Viktor N | Amphy
This account is verified by The Amphy Team for meeting quality standards of excellence.

Viktor Neustroev

Your teacher

Viktor is a chess player and coach who won multiple regional competitions and received various awards. He has been coaching for many years and has had highly successful students. He sees his mission as teaching chess and making students overall much better players. Almost all of his students have ranked. Some of them got prizes at the Novosibirsk regional championship. Several of his young students are the best chess players in the UK among their age group. 2 of them participated in European Youth Chess Championship 2018. Viktor also works with adults and helps them to increase their FIDE (USCF) or just online rating. Viktor will teach you how to find tactical strikes in certain position types and how to classify them. He will help you to improve your calculational ability. he also teaches you chess openings and believes you know how important they are. According to the statistics, right-playing of the opening makes from 30 to 60% of your success (the exact number depends on your level).

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