Card making ( Watercolour)

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60 min
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Gift your mother a hand painted card made with lots of love this Mother’s Day

What you'll learn

In the watercolour workshop, we will be painting a range of florals like roses, daisies , sunflowers, ferns and more. You can paint these in a greeting card, a poster Or a bookmark.

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Jan 01-07, 1970

What to bring

Watercolour paint,
Small & medium size brushes,
watercolour paper or any thick paper for painting,
Coloured pens
Black marker or Color pen
Learn ,art-and-music.painting-and-drawing, with Sim W | Amphy

Sim Wahan

Your teacher

My colourful artwork is inspired by nature, tradition, human behaviour, social and spiritual observations. I also teach art to children and adults in several different cities throughout India and countries around the world.

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