Business English - Perfect CV (résumé) Skills

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30 min
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First impressions last. Learn to create impactful CVs and Cover Letters.

What you'll learn

Understand the components of an effective CV and cover letter. You will learn the following: How to develop powerful “personal selling” vocabulary; What’s appropriate for your desired work, or current work; Strategies for developing content for your CVs. 

Often students have strengths that they aren’t even aware of and I’m experienced in helping students to “draw them out” from within themselves.  

After our time together you will have templates for your CV and cover letter, which you can use immediately. You'll also know how to adapt them as your career progresses, and as you pick up more skills. 

Materials used: Naturally, we’ll use actual job descriptions and CV designs which are widely available online.  

This class is perfect for

Native English Speakers as well as B1 level learners (and beyond).
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Meet valerie ng,

Your teacher

I grew up in England and live near Vancouver on Canada's west coast. I have held key positions at HarperCollins, Sun Life and Intralock Tools. Having tasted the joys of working from home, I happily teach students from around the world online.

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