Business English - Impeccable Customer Service

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Business English - Impeccable Customer Service-1
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Want to travel or study abroad and to work in the hospitality industry as you do so? Or, you're already working in a customer service role and want to communicate more effectively in English? If the answer is "yes", then this course is for you.

What you'll learn

Students will learn essential customer service English as well as industry-specific English according to their current or desired work area. For example, restaurant customer service language and telephone customer service language for a technology product, can be very different. 

Since the ability to not only understand the vocabulary is crucial, but also that of hearing what a customer is requesting, one focus will be on developing listening skills. 

Another focus will be on intonation and pronunciation and thoroughly practising the essential expressions. 

The classes will also cover how to handle complaints and deal with impolite customers. 

Naturally, much role-play is employed throughout. 

This class is perfect for

B1 level learners (and beyond). Anyone intending to study or work abroad and who's interested in working in hospitality. Anyone who is already in a customer service role who would like to engage more effectively with English customers.
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I grew up in England and live near Vancouver on Canada's west coast. I have held key positions at HarperCollins, Sun Life and Intralock Tools. Having tasted the joys of working from home, I happily teach students from around the world online.

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