Building on Camera Confidence

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2 hour
Building on Camera Confidence-0

Video content is king and if putting yourself out there terrifies you then this class will show you how to overcome fear and find your authentic voice whether it's public speaking, presentations, social media videos or media appearances and hosting.

What you'll learn

-	How to overcome fear.
-	Being yourself. 
-	Knowing your material. 
-	Ways to practice. 
-	Being conversational.
-      Authenticity. 
-	Best practices for hair, makeup and wardrobe. 
-	Setting up your space for virtual speaking. 

This class is perfect for

Anyone struggling to find their voice and overcome a fear of speaking on camera, publicly or at work.

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Jan 01-07, 1970

What to bring

Pen/Paper to take notes.
Learn ,business-and-finance.multimedia, with Laura S | Amphy

Laura Saltman

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