Branding Not Marketing: Building a Business Brand

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Branding is not a synonym for marketing. It is the act of telling your unique story. In this live online class, I'll teach the principles of branding. You'll learn how to build a strong brand that people will love.

What you'll learn

Learn exactly what "branding" is as well as some basic ways to build the brand of your business. This is a crucial lesson for any business owner or if you're looking to work in marketing. They are not the same thing but are closely related.

In this quick, 30-minute class, I'll teach you how to what it is and how to build a branding strategy. Branding your business will create returning customers or clients and help in marketing projects. Learn branding guidelines that help businesses rise above the competition.

If you're looking for a way to get a leg up in the industry then you're in the right place. Almost everything you do for your company involves branding. From the advertisements, you create to the tone of voice on the website, even the colors that appear on your products. A strong brand sticks with the brand guidelines and by doing this creates more than just a product. They create an experience that no other company can recreate. The business' brand guides all your decisions.

In this class, I'll teach you how to define those characteristics that make your company unique. I'll teach you how to create a brand identity that your customers will recognize and your employees will be proud of.

Book my class and get ready to build a company that will last. After this session, you'll be more prepared to build a brand name for yourself. You'll be able to attract loyal customers and investors who believe in the brand. It's a useful concept that every businessman or product manager should know.

This class is perfect for

Small-business owners, entrepreneurs, new managers.
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Meet Kenneth Bator,

Your teacher

Ken has hosted and produced several podcasts including Branding the Experience, Cool Culture Corner, the CU Business News Podcast, Public Safety Talk Radio, and Beyond the Call. His articles have appeared in many publications including The Credit Union Journal, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, CU Business Magazine, ABA Bank Marketing, and as one of the first category directors of the recently launched Podcast Magazine. Ken is a well sought-after speaker and has presented during several conferences, both in-person and virtually, worldwide including an appearance as an “Icon of Influence” during the New Media Summit.

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