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Burn calories while you tone and strengthen your whole body. Keeping your heart rate up the whole class keeps you burning calories right throughout this workout!

What you'll learn

We start out with a short cardio warm up to get your heart rate up and your body prepared for training.

The workout is based on numerous full body functional strength exercises to tone and strengthen more then one muscle group at a time. By doing full body exercises you are toning multiple muscles and this also elevates your heart rate which increases your calorie burning during the class. 

This class is perfect for

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Meet Danni Bloch,

Your teacher

I have been training myself personally for as long as I can remember. After school I studied personal training and I got my diploma in exercise science and nutrition. Since then I have done numerous courses including training during and post pregnancy, core strength training, facia sling utilization, advanced nutrition courses and many more. I have been working for the last 7 years as a leading personal trainer in one of the biggest gym franchises in South Africa. I have also been training on line for the past year to make sure my clients are still able to keep fit during current Covid conditions. I am always trying to learn news things and read as much as I can to make sure I am at the top of my profession for the betterment of my clients and their experience with me as their trainer.

What to bring

Mat, weights, bands, chair and couch

How to participate

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