Beginners Chess Strategy - Beating Titled Players

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How to beat titled players. Learn chess strategies for taking down the most experienced chess players. Live online classes.

What you'll learn

Here we will look at a thinking strategy for beating titled chess players. I designed this class to teach strategies that will help topple even the strongest opponent. I'll especially focus on the opening and middlegame phases of any chess game. Learning how to win chess games against tactical players is different than regular chess strategy. A titled player has a much deeper understanding of chess than your average recreational chess player. Mastering these phases will help you beat titled players. Let's get started!

Sometimes, playing chess is a lot of fun. You can learn how to play chess in a matter of minutes and start playing games. As a matter of fact, some people win their first chess game with beginner's luck. But let me ask you a question. What happens when you try to play seasoned chess players? Have you ever tried to beat a Grandmaster? The answer is that it is a whole different ball game.
Recreational chess players play one way and pros, well, pros do it their way. The strategy or lack of strategy used when playing amateurs won't work on titled players. We'll go over the best chess strategy to take down the pros.

There are many ways to learn chess. To get good at chess you have to do a few things. Taking a chess class is one. This is why technology is a great thing because we can learn chess online with people all over the world. Along with classes, you have to play a lot of games. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

Book a class with me and learn how to win chess games against the best. No more amateur hour, if you love chess and want to improve your game, then you're in the right place. There's no reason to wait, who wants to play chess?

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Meet Khanya Mazibuko,

Your teacher

Fide trainers and endgame specialist. Consistent and very fluent. check out my middlegame course on youtube for a sneak peak of all the fun to come!

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