Beginner Hip Hop Dance

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45 min
Group Class
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We will learn the fundamentals of hip hop dance and a routine!

What you'll learn

Each class, we will warm up to fast-paced music that encourages grooving and rhythm.  After that, we will practice basic building blocks of hip hop dance, including popping, locking, and house.  We will finish the class by practicing a routine.  Each class will add on additional steps to the routine.

This class is perfect for

Students who are new to dance and want to try an energetic style of dance!
Learn ,fitness-and-wellbeing.zumba-and-dance, with Jennifer G | Amphy

Meet Jennifer Grossman,

Your teacher

I did competitive dance and cheerleading in middle school and high school. I also owned a dance studio for 2 years in Grand Prairie, TX. I am also an experienced online ESL teacher and have taught both children and adults from China, Korea, and Japan.

What to bring

Comfortable clothes & closed toed shoes
Open space to dance in

How to participate

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