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You should be in charge of your own life, and this class will share a way to do so.

What you'll learn

If not you, who? Who should manage your life? Who should be the CEO of your own life? In this class you will learn a very specific methodology to organize, manage and plan your own life as if it was a big company with you at the top.

We will investigate into What is your life made of, how to assess it, how manage it, and how to setup goals that make sense to you - because our motto is "Life should be managed, not solved".

By applying Design Thinking to a human life, we hope to add so... 
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Anyone can join this class, no special background needed

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Jan 01-07, 1970

What to bring

Paper, Paper-notebook, all kinds of writing tools
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10+ years teaching in person and online; Carlo has experience with a diverse group of students and also with the general public.

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