Basics of Chess​​,​ from Beginner to Mastery Level!

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Basics of Chess​,​ from Beginner to Mastery Level!-0Basics of Chess​,​ from Beginner to Mastery Level!-1Basics of Chess​,​ from Beginner to Mastery Level!-2
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Basics of Chess​,​ from Beginner to Mastery Level!-0

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Chess lessons to learn the basics of chess. Learn chess for beginners with a lot of questions and answers. I believe in interactive learning. I'll give Homework after every lesson.

What you'll learn

Join me and the chess community for online live chess lessons. We'll learn the basics of chess and continue to advance to more complex chess knowledge. I'll cover everything you need to know from chess for beginners to mastery level. Having a chess coach is the best way to get better at chess.
My classes are usually interactive with a lot of questions and answers. Don't be afraid to ask about anything you want to learn more about. Asking questions is the only way to work out your weaknesses and fully learn chess.

First I'll teach the chess lessons after we'll see real examples from real games. After every lesson, I'll give out interesting homework for you to do. Taking chess lessons isn't good enough to become a pro. You need constant practice to hone your skills and solidify what you've learned. The homework will help make the chess lessons you learn stick permanently.

Every class is private with 1-on-1 attention to your needs. I will be optimizing the class to best suit your individual needs. Beginners learn basic things (movement, the value of pieces, what is checkmate and how to checkmate, etc.). 

If you are already past the chess for beginners stage, we'll focus on the basic chess principles of openings. Once you've developed an opening repertoire we'll work on making a plan for playing.

All positions in chess have their secrets and my job is to tell those secrets and then make a plan!
If you want to develop professional chess skills then this is the class for you. We'll work on your playing in a systematic method moving up as we go. Start playing games on a higher level and winning more games. There are so many secrets of chess yet to be revealed so let's get started!

This class is perfect for

All people who would like to improve their playing
Learn ,chess.chess,, with Ivan S | Amphy

Meet Ivan Stankovic,

Your teacher

I have more than 7 years experience of teaching. I work in my city with young talents, and also on skype. I'm a teacher in Eminent Toronto chess school (Intermedia and advanced groups) . The best students IM Nemanja Zivkovic, MK Stefan Stoiljkovic, MK Nikolic Stefan.

What to bring

Good will and mood :)

How to participate

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