Basics of chess- From Beginner to Grandmaster

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Basics of chess- From Beginner to Grandmaster-0

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Learn to play chess. learn the rules of chess, the strength of chess pieces, basic tactics, and basic endgames. Live online chess classes provide the roadmap to greatness. what are you waiting for?

What you'll learn

Chess is a timeless game enjoyed by all ages all over the world. 
Learn with me the basics of chess, the best board game, and begin your journey to become a chess grandmaster. My goal is to pass on the skills, knowledge, and strategy to become a chess grandmaster like myself.

Discover the fascinating world of chess through chess classes as you learn and play. I'll pass my passion for chess on to you.

Learn the basics of chess including the rules and pieces. With these skills, you'll be able to enter tournaments and play against friends.

Win more games and earn a higher chess ranking score. Play enough games and you could end up as a grandmaster like me.

Develop chess skills and tactics. Chess is a thinking game. players need to be strategic and creative with their game plans.

Learn openings and endgame strategy. I will train you to be able to adapt to every phase of the game. We'll learn everything from chess openings and how to protect the king to endgame and how to get a checkmate.

Join the chess community. Chess is more than a game, it's a social hobby and lifestyle. Make friends and rivals as you challenge other chess players.

In this private 30 minute class, we will personalize the content to suit your needs. If you don't know the rules, this is your opportunity to learn to play chess online. If you already compete or play basic chess I'll help you take your game to the next level.

There's always room for improvement when it comes to chess. It's a game that takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master. That's why you see chess players who play well into their old age.

Private chess classes are the best way to learn to play chess online. Every student gets the individual attention needed to improve playing skills and rank. My chess classes offer the opportunity for anyone in the world to learn from a grandmaster. It will be fun, entertaining, challenging, and educational all at the same time.

Don't miss out, let's start playing today!

This class is perfect for

All types of chess players who want to improve their game.
Anyone looking for a fun game to play.
Learn ,chess.chess, with Nikola N | Amphy

Meet Nikola Nestorovic,

Your teacher

Achieving the title of Grandmaster that I managed in 2016 is the proudest moment of my chess career! I will point out my best playing performance so far in which I managed to secure a second Grandmaster norm in the chess league in Sarajevo. With the performance of 2770, I managed to achieve my second norm after just 6 rounds. As a valuable aspect of my career, I would like to mention playing for various teams all across Europe, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Montenegro, Bosnia, and of course Serbia. I would also like to point out my performance for SK: Augsburg in the First League of Germany (Bundesliga) and draw with black against GM Rapport!

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