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In this course, we will learn the basics of chess tactics. Get the chess coaching you're looking for through a series of online lessons. Improve on chess basics to advance to higher-level playing.

What you'll learn

If you want to master chess basics and learn the chess tactics that Grandmasters use these are the online chess lessons for you. After completing my course you'll have a complete understanding of basic chess tactics. Use the skills learned from online chess lessons to outperform your opponent chess player. Learn from a championship-winning chess coach the chess basics needed to advance in the chess world.
This is the structure of this course: 

Lesson 1: Basic method of calculation, how to solve exercises of checkmate in 1,2,3 moves.

It's important to be able to detect patterns when playing chess. If you can identify possible checkmates and find the best next move faster you give your opponent less time to plan their strategy. Knowing chess tactics not only helps your game but also hurts your opponent's game.

Lesson 2: Double Attack

Threatening to attack two pieces at the same time. By learning this tactic you can put the opponent in a difficult situation. Instead of carrying out his plan he has to focus on getting out of your trap while you control the game.

Lesson 3: Pin

A pin is a useful tactic when your opponent can't move a piece without making a more valuable piece vulnerable to attack.

Lesson 4: Elimination of Defender

Also known as undermining, elimination of the defender is when a defense piece is captured. This makes another defense piece vulnerable forcing the opponent to choose between recapturing your piece or moving to safety.

Lesson 5: Deflection
Deflection is a must-learn basic chess tactic. It is moving pieces away from an important role. This frees up the opportunity for a new tactic.
Book this live course to improve your chess playing. Mastering the basic tactics is a useful step in chess training. With these tactics up your sleeve, you'll have a much better chance of defeating ranking chess players. Find out what you can really do in chess and use it for the rest of your life.

This class is perfect for

Beginner and intermediate players
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Meet Damiano Locci,

Your teacher

My FIDE rating is 2216, I've played chess tournaments since I was 7 years old and I played in my career a lot of strong international opens, like Reykjavik, Open de Sants in Barcellona, Cannes and many others. I've been an Italian youth chess champion under 16 in 2006 and I played the World Youth Chess Championship in Batumi, Georgia that year. In 2018 I got the National Master title, and I participated in the World Amateur Chess Championship, where I shared 3rd place arriving first among the European players. During my chess career as a player, I gained a lot of experience as chess instructor, an activity I practiced for more than 13 years. I prepared many young players for national and international youth competitions with good results, and I held a lot of courses in schools and chess clubs, with students of every age. I have been the trainer of the Italian blind players who took part in the World Chess Championship for blind players in 2019 and I held a chess course in a mental hygiene clinic also.

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