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Ballet workout also focuses on high reps of small range movements.

What you'll learn

A hybrid workout that combines ballet inspired moves with elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and strength training. Most classes incorporate a Ballet barre and use classic dance moves, although is not a Ballet class. Ballet workout also focuses on high reps of small range movements.  

This class is perfect for

This workout type is great for those who want to train strength, develop mental agility, increase endurance and flexibility, improve posture, have more energy and for those who would like to lose some weight and gain confidence.
Learn ,, with Rosely M | Amphy

Meet Rosely McLeod,

Your teacher

With over a decade of international dancing and teaching experience, my mission has always been to educate dance enthusiasts of all skill levels and introduce them to new techniques and challenges. Starting to dance at the early age of 4, I realized that all I wanted to be was an artist. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the National Ballet school of Cuba, I became a company member at the America Musical Theatre. There, I developed my career with acting, singing, teaching and dancing for 3 beautiful years. I had the opportunity to perform and teach all over the world in countries like Finland, Sweden, Belgium and China, including my homeland Cuba. Educating myself more about the industry, other cultures and how it worked in other lands, I decided that it was my turn to share my Cuban roots and dance experience with the world. I established myself in China, where I lived for 7 years. There I got a certification degree from the Beijing Dance Academy, created my company and used it to found a Training Center for children that cover everything, from school subjects to sports, art and entertainment lessons. We branched the Art and Entertainment Center after becoming #1 in the city of Ningbo and I stepped up as the Ballet & Artistic Director. In addition, I was part of the Finnish Cruise Company Viking Line Modelling Campaign and Chinese companies. I have got certifications in Advertising and Marketing & Fashion Design with an active dance teacher career.

What to bring

Yoga mat/ soft carpet. Safe, empty space. A chair/ table/ kitchen counter for support if you don't own a Ballet barre. Comfy workout clothes and bare foot.

How to participate

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