Avoid Toxic Relationships

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75 min
Group Class

Are your relationships complicated or toxic ? I mean how would you know if you didn't know what you should look for to figure it out. Thiw workshop will help you reconsider what you may be going through

What you'll learn

Are your relationships toxic ? I mean, how would you know, if you didn't know what you should be looking for. Well, how about that:  

- Are you always the one making compromises to keep the other happy ? Do you neglect your needs in the process and feel unfulfilled ? 
- Do you feel tense or anxious around the other, afraid of triggering their anger, afraid of being judged if you said something you currently keep from them ? 
- Do you have a hard time setting boundaries ?
- Do you feel... 
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This class is perfect for

Anyone who feels they are in toxic relationships or abusive work environments
Anyone who wishes to enhance the quality of their relationships and strengthen their connections with others
Anyone looking to better manage conflict

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Jan 01-07, 1970

What to bring

Be open to a perspective change
Group sessionUp to 20 seats
Group sessionUp to 20 seats

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Soufiane El Alaoui

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Any external problem we may be faced with, calls for an internal resource we can tap into in order to improve our situation. That's what 400+ hours in my CBT practice convinced me of. In fact, through my sessions, I've helped people with professional (team management, motivation, professional transitions, entrepreneurship) and personal (relationships, self-confidence, anxiety management) issues. In addition, I offer today online personal development, courses to an audience that includes over 3000 satisfied participants. Through my sessions and trainings, I've supported my clients in the enhancement of their careers, mental well-being and fulfillment through the acquisition of interdisciplinary skills (emotional intelligence, communication, personal development and much more)

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