Audition Class: Start Booking Commercials

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Are you an actor curious about dipping your toe into the lucrative world of print ads and television commercials? As someone who has supplemented her career with commercial work, I’m here to help you navigate and slay your next commercial audition.

What you'll learn

Commercial acting doesn’t only pay the bills -- it can also be fun! 

And that’s my goal with this class: I want you to come to enjoy the process. Having auditioned for roles in Oscar Mayer, Blue Apron, Uber commercials, and more, I know that I book gigs when I’m most relaxed. We’ll go over the different formats of commercial auditions, such as scripted and verbal/non-verbal prompts, to make sure you’re ready to take on any kind of audition and callback. 

We’ll then use a round of real commercial scripts so that you can practice with feedback. Are you ready to enter your next commercial audition with lighthearted energy and ease? Let’s get started.

This class is perfect for

Anyone who wants to prepare for a commercial audition
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Meet Jazelle Foster,

Your teacher

Big NYC Acting Schools; Actor's Connection, T. Schreiber & Denise Simon Coaching. What about marketing? I've been on the instructional team for a digital marketing program at Columbia University.

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