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A conversational class for everyone who wants to improve their speaking ability in Armenian and have fun at the same time!

What you'll learn

The class includes debates, discussions, as well as various activities/games that boost the speaking skill of the learners! 
The lessons focus on one exact topic at a time and each lesson introduces vocabulary related to the chosen topic of the day! 
At the end of the lesson we correct/discuss the mistakes that were made during the lesson and leave the class in a positive spirit! :)

This class is perfect for

Anyone who wants to improve their speaking skills in a fun and engaging way!
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Meet Elizabeth Tsarukyan,

Your teacher

I have a Master's degree in Applied linguistics and a Bachelor's in English Philology. Having had 5 years' experience in teaching and having worked with both absolute beginners and people with a high level of knowledge, I have gained a better understanding of what methodologies or teaching techniques to choose to get the best out of a lesson by improving the learners' speaking, listening, vocabulary, grammar and other language skills. I find that the combination of traditional and modern techniques is the key to reaching the goal of language learning! My classes include a variety of engaging and fun speaking activities combined with grammar/vocabulary drills and exercises. I believe one can never forget what they do with pleasure, so I make sure my classes are always enjoyable, besides being informative and productive!

How to participate

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