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African History Master Class-0

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Do you want to learn about African culture, Slave Trade in Africa, Africa and European Imperialism and Africa and the wider world, this class is designed to guide and put you through in all you need to know about African history.

What you'll learn

This class will guide and teach students  everything they need to know about Africa. This course covers the prehistory of Africa, the modern African history and the contemporary African history. This course also, x-rays how Africa relates economically, socially and politically with the wider world. So, at the end of this course, students will be able to know the history of Africa before the coming of the Europeans, how Europe came in contact with Africa, European colonisation of Africa and its aftermaths. 
So, this class is for you if you want to learn the aforementioned topics. 

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What to bring

Students of this class are required to attend this class with their pen and paper to take down notes.

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