Advanced Public Speaking & Communication Skills

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60 min
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This course is designed to help you release your communication blocks & find your authentic voice.

What you'll learn

You have so much to say, yet you feel blocked in your communication. I know how it feels because I have been there. Based on my own lessons learnt, I feel empowered to help you release your communication blocks & find your authentic voice. In addition to being a TEDx speaker, I am a YouTube Channel Host and have been a guest to many local TV/Radio Programmes. 

I am so excited to help you cultivate the confidence to deliver your message in the most authentic and graceful manner under any circumstance and to any audience :) 

Key Topics

Session 1.
✔️ Understanding why it's difficult for you to express yourself and your needs in an assertive manner 
✔️Uncovering the ROOT CAUSE of your fear of public speaking 

Session 2
✔️Learning to stop pleasing others and learning to say “No” 
✔️Learning to find balance between expressing yourself in a fluent/assertive manner, while being considerate of other people's emotions

Session 3
✔️Cultivating effective communication skills (active listening, mirroring, rephrasing) 
✔️Learning to deal with anxiety in social situations 
✔️Learning to feel confident in your body & in front of large audiences 

Session 4
 ✔️Understanding why you tend to shut down and withdraw during conflicts 
 ✔️Cultivating effective conflict resolution skills
 ✔️Practicing the skill of expressing your TRUTH unapologetically, fearlessly and gracefully 

NOTE: As this is a private coaching programme, your needs will be actively integrated into the programme. So feel free to suggest any other topic that you want to be covered during the course. 

This class is perfect for

anyone who wants to improve their communication skills & find their authentic voice
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Meet Arevik Hayrapetyan,

Your teacher

I am a TEDx speaker, Life & Relationship coach, as well as Mental Health Advocate. I am here to help you cultivate the necessary skills in order to create fulfilling relationships, meaningful professional path and thriving life! My academic background (both BA & MA) is in Communications. I am the co-founder of Kaizen Mastery People Development Institute, based in Armenia and have 5+ years of experience as a professional coach, speaker and trainer. I have also been a facilitator of many local and international online and offline workshops, focused on personal development, mental health and holistic well-being.

What to bring

Come with an open mind & open heart :)
Having a journal, dedicated to this course, is a good idea.

How to participate

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