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60 min
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Grammar Practise of pronunciation Vocabulary Speaking

What you'll learn

After this course you will be completed A1 Turkish grammar, This is a very fast course, that is why you should study by yourself too especially for homework, words,  
1. Lesson: Learning Greetings, Turkish Alphabet, new words and how to make a sentence with ''this, that, these, those ( bu, şu, o, bunlar, şunlar, onlar)'' and also asking someone's name and telling your name in Turkish.
2. Lesson: Learning how to make words plural (-lar,ler suffixes) and new words. Also making question from a word (-mı, -mi -mu -mü suffixes.) and dialogs about ''Burası neresi?'' ('' Which place is this?'')
3. Lesson: ''Ünsüz yumuşaması ve benzeşmesi'' ( about suffixes) and new words. 
4. Lesson: Location suffixes ''-da, -de, -ta, -te'' (in, on, at), new words, numbers, learning ''kaçıncı?'' question and ''-ıncı -inci -uncu, -üncü'' suffixes for numbers.
5. Lesson: How to make a basic sentence. Learning pronouns and suffixes for pronouns. Dialog. 
6. Lesson: Present Continues Tense, dialogs, new words and verbs.
7. Lesson: Suffixes ''-a,-e'' (to), ''-dan,-den,-tan,-ten'' (from), ''-ı, -i, -u, -ü'' (the) and new words, practise of making sentences.
8.Lesson: Learning how to want something ''-mak istemek, -mek istemek'' , practise of speaking. 
9. Lesson: Possessive suffixes and practise of speaking.
10. Lesson: Nationalities, languages, countries, learning ''how to ask where are you from?'' and learning ''-ca,-ce,-ça,-çe'' suffixes.
11. Lesson: Learning about reflexive pronuons and learning about ''always, all the time''. ''Belirtme eki''
12. Lesson: ''-dan -(y)a kadar (from smt/smb to smt/smb), -dan önce/-dan sonra, -madan önce/-dıktan sonra (before/ after) , -dan beri / -dır. (since/for).

This class is perfect for

Adults or children who would like to start learning Turkish
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Meet Ceren Özkesen,

Your teacher

I am a native Turkish tutor. I have been teaching Turkish for 11 years. I worked in Turkey, Egypt and Greece. Also I had experience in non-govermental organisations. I voluntarily taught Turkish as well in many years. I have 4 years of online teaching experience and over 250 students from the USA, Russia, England, Australia, Egypt, Greece, Germany, Spain, France, Finland, Poland, Iran, Ireland, Philipin, Canada, Dubai, Columbia...

What to bring

Wifi connection , any device for video chat, a notebook, a pencil, Zoom program, headphone and microphone. If your device has already sound system like mycrophone then you don't need to provide it extra.

How to participate

emailHead to your confirmation email or booking page, and click the button to join the stream.
zoom callIf you haven’t already, download Zoom for free on your computer or smartphone in advance.