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Ableton Live - Music Production - Classes - that are fun, engaging and tailored to match the needs of each individual student.

What you'll learn

Ableton Live - Music Production Classes
Suitable for Beginners or Experienced Professionals, as classes are tailor made to fit your level of experience.
Popular Classes, often requested, include;
Learn how to make a (good) track from beginning to end & all the processors in between. 
Develop existing material of your own further - better mix, sounds, structure, make more exciting, etc. 
Develop your music into a live set with your own particular set up/equipment. 
Song writing - structure, lyrics, chords, vocal melody, instrument & sound choice. 
Learn a particular genre/artist inside out and how to emulate it yourself. 
Dissect a track that you like, learn exactly how it was made. 
Developing your own style and traps to avoid 
Learn the very basics of Ableton from the very ground up. 
How to use effects to make your tracks sound professional 
Or Any other area you wish to focus on!! 

This class is perfect for

Beginners or Experienced Professionals. Classes are tailor made to fit your level of experience.
Learn ,, with Heath H | Amphy

Meet Heath Holme,

Your teacher

With more than 20 years experience living and working as a professional DJ, music producer and instructor in Ibiza. I’m able to give my students a unique perspective and insight into the world of music making. I teach Ableton Live - Music Production - classes to a wide range of people, from complete beginners to well-known DJs and musicians, online, privately and as an expert lecturer at Music schools.

What to bring

Computer with Ableton Live installed

How to participate

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zoom callIf you haven’t already, download Zoom for free on your computer or smartphone in advance.