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ABC Spanish Private Class for Beginner-0

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In this live online Spanish class, you'll improve your reading. Enjoy practicing your pronunciation, reading, and comprehension In Spanish.

What you'll learn

In this Spanish class, we'll practice reading so you can improve your fluency. We'll practice pronunciation, vocabulary, and reading comprehension in Spanish for beginners and intermediate levels. By completing this class you will have stronger reading comprehension skills. It's important to practice this if you want to learn Spanish. If you want to get better at reading and writing this is the Spanish class for you.

For beginner level learners we'll learn the Spanish alphabet and how to pronounce the letters. We'll practice and you will receive homework to keep practicing after class. More advanced Spanish students will learn higher-level topics. They will learn grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. I will also base the vocabulary lessons on your level of Spanish speaking.

There are so many good reasons to learn Spanish these days. Millions of people are learning Spanish as a second language for travel, business, personal reasons, and more. Spanish is the fourth most spoken language in the world with hundreds of millions of speakers. By learning this extremely popular language you are opening new opportunities with these people and places.

Take off on your dream vacation. Some of the most beautiful vacation destinations are Spanish-speaking. Knowing Spanish will help you navigate and read signs. You will also be able to communicate with the locals to find out the best things to do. By learning Spanish you are opening yourself up to new relationships with amazing people too.

The countries of Latin America are making big waves in the business world. Many new emerging businesses are coming out of there creating new opportunities. Spanish is becoming an ever-popular language to learn for business professionals who want to take advantage of these new opportunities. 

Book a class now and accomplish your Spanish reading and writing goals. Understand books, websites, street signs, and more with your Spanish skills. For whatever reason that you want to learn Spanish, this is the online class for you.

This class is perfect for

For People who want to improve reading and pronunciation in Spanish
Learn ,language-and-culture.spanish, with Vanessa C | Amphy

Meet Vanessa Carrillo,

Your teacher

I have been teaching Spanish since COVID when I decided to move to Playa del Carmen, and start meeting foreigners. Also, for people that move here and want to speak Spanish. I love helping people and teaching so I give Spanish classes to anyone that needs it.

What to bring

Enthusiasm and Craving to improve their Spanish

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