60 min Piano Class for Adults (All levels)

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60 min Piano Class for Adults (All levels)-160 min Piano Class for Adults (All levels)-2
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60 min

I will be your guide and take you from your point A, whatever it might be, to your desired point B in piano playing with a thoughtfully structured and effective plan, and clear tasks.

What you'll learn

I will create a plan for you based on those two points and your preferred style and desired repertoire taking also your schedule and the amount of time you have for piano practice into consideration.
I don't stick by a book and have a very individual approach to all of my students, so while some enjoy playing only pieces by Beethoven and Bach, others like learning chords with pop songs and playing by ear. I absolutely support all of my students' preferences.

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Jan 01-07, 1970

What to bring

-A piano/keyboard,
-Phone, or laptop camera.
-If you are using your phone, I recommend getting a tripod to hold it in place. The angle should be such that I can see your hands and most of you and the piano keyboard. The camera can be to your left or right and should be somewhere at the level above your head, pointed downwards.
-The apps we can use: Skype, WhatsApp, Discord, Google meet, Google duo, Zoom, etc.
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Danica Dujakovic

Your teacher

I am a classically trained musician and I love to teach. Graduated from Belgrade Faculty of music I've been playing piano for two decades and teaching for the last 7 years. Music has made my life so much richer and I hope it will have a similar role in your life as well. :)

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